Our Couples


Today I’m marrying my favorite person in the world. My Best Friend
My fiance and from today on my husband.
You are my soulmate and I will carry you forever with me my dear


Since then together we have achieved many things
We mature as a person and as a couple.
Thank you for being this incredible woman, fighting and never stopping dreaming about our future.
I love you.”


I ask the people present here to testify that I
Gabriel Felipe de Carvalho Morganti welcomes you,
Jaqueline da Silva As my legitimate wife


“I promise to be faithful in joy and in sadness, in health and in sickness, in riches and in poverty, loving and respecting you, every day of our lives. This is my solemn vow


“ I still remember the first time I saw you. Seems like yesterday.
I love your smile and everything you do.
You are very beautiful
and getting much more every day!”


“My love, for as far I remember I thought, I was destined to be alone.
When mama and papa passed away i thought. No one could even come closer to give me the love and home that they did. SO I had to be strong and capable to myself.
I prayed for a home and for you and just when I was loose, you came.”


“Monique, from the moment I met you, your smile has lit up my life.
Your laugh has made me feel there is nothing wrong in this world.
I promise to make everything I can to keep you smiling and to make you laugh…”


“ When I met you, I was broken. I was looking for kindness, hope, and love.
I was looking for a home. Who knew I would find you on bumble.
Of all over the weird things I found online, You are my favorite.
I love how beautiful, peaceful and intelligent you are…”


“Andreia, every-time I think about you I think about us, about what we are building together
and a lot of things come to mind. A lot of different emotions and good feelings.
Its so many things that I can’t even write down in a paper…”


“I still remember how we met first. You told me that I was going to fall in love with you and I thought:
Who does she think she is? 2 years later, I’m here in front of our parents and friends saying
that I love and promising to love you today and everyday..”


“I always said that have  met you was the best thing in my life.
But actually, Fall in love with you is the one!
I love you and I will always take care of ou relationship…”


“…What could I ask for? You are the suitest and kind person I have met.
Being able to grow and share life with you is what makes me happy.
I promise that I will always be here for you and love you…”


“…My dear Nicky, it still feels weird to call you Nicole, because I have called you Nicky since we met as
highschool students in 2003. Never mind wildest dreams as that 16, 17 years old boy
I would think i was going marry you 20 years later…”


“…Andrew, before you came to my life I was just a girl. The one that just rocks up the school everyday, with the ponytail and a tuna sandwich packed by my parents.
We were just teens when we first met and the socks pulling all the way up…”